foodsTalking about food is very interesting for the customers who wish to stay and eat here.I am interested many things after i have been working here for a few week. my first expression is about food.

Nowadays, Tamakiya Ryokan is serving many various kinds of delicious food.
 we are deeply concerning about the quality of food with original testiness, source of food and food decoration, etc.

According on the mention above, we have hired few very good chefs to cook for the the ways, the source of food that we are using such as: ingredient, vegetable, fruit, meat, seafood, and fish are local made.

additionally,the decoration of food cover with the nice style of plates and topping fruits, vegetable and sauce.Thus, customers could have fabulous dishes of breakfast and dinner as their wishes.
Please enjoy nice dishes with comfortable dining hall at Tamakiya Ryokan!